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MRKH  Organization, Inc.
P.O Box 301494, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
 The Self I will Never Know  The New Internationalist: Jan/ Feb 2004 
The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm memory of Anne Koedt
Creating Peer Support  2006 MRKH Event
Parents Handbook - Boston Children's Hospital
Medical and Psychological Articles:
Congenital Absence of Vagina- Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India (2000)
Vaginal Agenesis: A Guide for Teens- 
    Center for Young Women's Health at Children's Hospital Boston

Laproscopic Vaginoplasty - Sarah Creighton et al (2005)
Late Bloomer or MRKH?  Great article for doctors/gynos! (2002)
Gender Talk Missing Vagina Monologue Interview-  December 31, 2001 
   You can fast forward to 36 minutes if you want to bypass the beginning 
   of the show.  The interview is a little over 30 minutes. 

Normalization by Vaginal Dilation Alone- Sarah Creighton et al (2007)
BioInfo Bank - library of articles
MANAGING INTERSEX-Vaginal Surgery in Children should be deferred
    Sarah Creighton, Catherine Minto – December 2001   
Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging (scoliosis and MRKH) 2006
Pilot Study of Vaginal Dilation - Sarah Creighton et al (2006)
Making the Cut -MS magazine article about genital surgery- Oct/Nov 2000
Articles by MRKH women:
Watch GenderVision Interview with Esther Morris Leidolf, March 2008
GENDERVISION: Talk show about gender diversity- Watch on-line
Links of interest:
Thanks to the  women and providers who shared this information
(ACOG) Advises Against Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures Due to Lack
of Safety and Efficacy Data The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (September 2007)
San Francisco Human Rights Commission - Intersex Hearing Report 2004
San Francisco Human Rights Commission- Video of - Intersex Hearing Report 2004
Watch The Missing Vagina Monologue - read by the author, March 2008
Intersex examines medicine: 
Intersex Mental Health and Social Support Options in Pediatric Endocrinology Training Programs,  Journal of Homosexuality, Spring 2008
Clinical Aspects of MRKH- Human Reproduction Vol.21, 2006
     Women's Health Edition-Sojourner, 2001 
     Journal of G ay & Lesbian Psychotherapy, 2006
(MRKH) syndrome - a review  2002.-All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome (2007) -Article that describes diagnosis and treatment options
A Personal Reflection on Diagnosis- Psychology Today, By Susan Rudnick, LCSW